Wednesday, August 30, 2017


We have just recieved Nuvo products and your cards will never be the same. Look below and see what has everyone excited!

The Nuvo Mousse is a firm but creamy mousse to rub on your embossed cards or you can use a spatula to apply it to any stencil for an absolutely stunning effect.

Image result for Nuvo products imagesImage result for Nuvo products images

The Nuvo Crystal drops, Glitter drops and Jewel drops will finish your cards off with some extra pizzazz. Use them to make your own enamel drops or add them directly to your cards instead of sequins. There are so many colours that you will have to come in to check them out.

Image result for Nuvo products imagesImage result for Nuvo products images

I am still not finished as there are the Glitter Accents in Gold, Silver and Snowy White and also Gilding Flakes in Gold, Silver and Copper.

Image result for nuvo Glitter effects imagesImage result for nuvo Glitter effects images

Nuvo has thought this product line out very well as there are spray bottles, water brushes, adhesive and adhesive pens. There is also a Crystal Glaze that will add that special sheen to your Christmas cards your friends and family will love. Sparkle Dust and Glitter Paste are new products and they are as they sound, a fine sparkle glitter and a paste made with tons of glitter. Both these products come in many colours.

Just when you thought I was done I have one more thing that has many colours in the sets and that is Creative Pens. The Copper, Gold and Silver are water based but the rest are alcohol based. These markers have a nib end and a brush tip, both on one pen WOW!

I think I have them all but just in case you should pop in and check out the whole line. Don’t wait too long these are going fast.

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