Friday, April 21, 2017

New to the Clearance Center


Come and visit us to check out our NEW Yard Decor area now set up in the Clearance Center.

We have Terracotta Pots, perfect for planting your little seedlings, or be creative and make yourself a Fairy Garden. Don’t forget to check our miniatures section, we may just have something special you can add to your garden.

Image result for clay pots fairy garden Image result for clay pots fairy garden Image result for stepping stones to paint

We also have some Paintable Stepping Stones at amazing price of $5.00 each. Use them as garden features, or hang them on your fence or brick.

Image result for woods international stepping stones (example only not actual product.) We have many themes from which you can choose.


But first you may need to prepare your garden area, to stop those nasty weeds from coming back.

We have a limited supply of Garden ground coverings, by the roll. Also, if your preparing for growing tomatoes, we have wiring and clear ground coverings for that too.

WBS-FLR-rolls2016 lp-8-db

Then decorate your garden with Shepard’s hooks, to hang up your potted plants. Also, some trellis and low fencing, and some wall mount hooks are also available.


Image result for garden decor edging fence  Image result for garden decor plant wall mount hooks Image result for garden decor plant wall mount hooks

(all images are just examples, not exactly as shown)


and finally we have some Deck Mats in two sizes available Sml. $15.00 and Large $20.00

Image result for deck mats outdoor

You will also find some ready to hang Pussy Willow Wreaths or this Sunburst Wreath for your door or fence, amazingly for only $8.00


Look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks to pickup your garden needs from Multicrafts’ Clearance Center.


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