Friday, May 31, 2013


Welcome to Multicrafts & Gifts Retail Blog.

The purpose of this blog is to inform all Crafters & Artisans what you can find at
Multicrafts & Gifts' Store
Every week there will be a post featuring our products available for purchase at our store. This is not a website where you can make purchases, but simply a venue to show you the Crafter what you can purchase at our store. We welcome you to subscribe and receive directly to your Inbox updates from this blog.

This blog will also promote if the store is having featured sales on products and even posts about what is going on in the crafting marketplace. We are currently known in the Ottawa area for our vast supplies in  paper crafting but we know there is  limited access to crafting supplies, and that is our main purpose, to inform Crafters & Artisans what we have to offer.

If you live outside the Ottawa area,and are not able to visit our Store, and are in need of craft supplies it would be our pleasure to help you in that regard.

 Visit our Hours & Locations page to find our store location